Turning everyday life objets into small artistic creations, transforming something just useful into something pretty to be looked at, to be offered as a gift, this was our goal since the day we created our family business.

Everyone knows and uses cardboard tissue boxes.

However, most of the time, their design is quite difficult to fit our homes ...

This is how the idea came, of hiding those boxes into prettier ones. To be able to do this, we have been imagining and designing new collection of tissue boxes.
Very hygienic, our boxes are made to fit avery room of your houses and offices.
Our first collection came out in 2015. Completely home made, these wooden boxes where painted and decorated by our designers.
Boxes where beautiful but a little heavy and expensive...
Today we are very proud to present our newest tissues boxes collections, completely rethought through a professional ABS material, printed in our locals in Vernouillet.
Over 90 different designs printed on rectangular an cubical boxes allow children and adults to place them in every room they want;.

Inspired by Paris and it’s fashion culture, Charles Perrault’s fairytales, contemporary art or kitchen vintage styles, our boxes can be very chic and modern or else have an attractive old fashioned look. Every box has a story and is turned into a little piece of Art.
There are more projects to come. New sources of inspiration help us creating mugs, candle holders or even lazy suzans.

Whatever objet supports our creativity, it will always be of great quality, always thought, designed, printed and verified by ourselves, in order to guaranty our clients satisfaction.